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Marble is a very soft 'somewhat brittle' stone. This means that slabs of marble are relatively easy to carve and polish. However, when cut into hearth size slabs e.g. 3" thick x 5' long moving it ...

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Real marble tiles have a beautiful, unique look like no other surface, with all their whirling patterns and shade variations, but it has high maintenance requirements. It must be sealed and cleaned regularly and only a mild detergent solution or a product specially designed for marble should be used for cleaning.

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Marble is often crushed and used for acid neutralization in streams, lakes, and soils. It is used for acid neutralization in the chemical industry as well. Pharmaceutical antacid medicines such as "Tums" contain calcium carbonate, which is sometimes made from powdered marble.

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Alibaba.com offers 17,799 marble used products. About 2% of these are marble, 1% are decorative films, and 1% are dishes & plates. A wide variety of marble used options are available to you, such as plastic, ceramic, and metal.

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Marble can also be used in more quirky designs, as this glam, retro bathroom by Sera of London shows. The large wall marble tile and curved marble floor tile open up the space and give it a luxurious background, which perfectly matches the gold and mirrored furniture and accessories.

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A glossary of the colorful terms used by marble players, and different variations of games played with marbles. Marbles glossary • Marbles home • Marbles 101 (intro) • Glossary of terms • Tournament play • Marbles discussion • The Games home • Rulesheets. The biggies • Stickball

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A marble is a small spherical toy often made from glass, clay, steel, plastic or agate.These balls vary in size. Most commonly, they are about 1 cm (1 ⁄ 2 in) in diameter, but they may range from less than 1 mm (1 ⁄ 30 in) to over 8 cm (3 in), while some art glass marbles for display purposes are over 30 cm (12 in) wide.Marbles can be used for a variety of games called marbles.

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History of Marble Sculpture Prior to Classical Antiquity, stone sculpture was generally made from limestone, sandstone, gypsum, alabaster, jade or clay. Only from the era of Greek Archaic sculpture (c.650-480 BCE) onwards, was marble used on a regular basis - initially to make the standing nude male (kouros) and the standing draped female (kore).

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Marble flooring tiles can be used in any area of the home, but are especially popular in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and even as decorative accents for walls and showers.

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Marble, a metamorphosed limestone prized for its hardness and variety, is quarried in north Georgia near Tate, in Pickens County.This marble has been used extensively for gravestones and in buildings throughout the United States, including the U.S. Capitol.

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An "alley" can be a marble made of alabaster, but it can also be another term for a "shooter" or "taw," the large marble used to knock around the smaller ones, which are sometimes called "mibs" or ...

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Marble is a type of limestone that forms when limestone is subjected to a lot of pressure over a long period of time. Although it has a more appeasing appearance than limestone, it can also be very pricey. It is used in the constructing of buildings.

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The word 'marble' is also used for other stones that can be polished well and for ball shaped objects used for child games. 'Faux marble' is a wall painting technique that imitates the color patterns of real marble (not to be confused with paper marbling).

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Define marble. marble synonyms, marble pronunciation, marble translation, English dictionary definition of marble. n. 1. a. A metamorphic rock formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite, often irregularly colored by impurities, and used especially in architecture and...

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Statuary marble, the most valuable variety, must be pure white and of uniform grain size. For endurance in exterior use, marble should be uniform and nonporous to prevent the entrance of water that might discolour the stone or cause disintegration by freezing.

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Marble is used for kitchen counters and kitchen counter inserts. It's also used for backsplashes, table tops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, stairsteps and wall tiles, and it is sometimes used for statuary and in building construction.

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The marble used most often for carving the human forms tends to be translucent, rather than opaque, so when it is well lit, it almost seems to glow. It makes sculptures made from marble look lifelike and soft, rather than hard and shiny.

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Yes, stone or marble more used in statues or sculptures. There are lots of reason why marble is wonderful for the statues or sculpture. Marble was almost right density to handle, curve, and glossy once polished, and it absolutely was easier to leaf or paint on marble, thus it absolutely helpful for making religious statues.

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Marble basics. Marble is a metamorphic rock that's been used for thousands of years. Each piece of marble is different — the variety in veining and coloring is often considered its best trait.

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Italian marble is used in the grand staircases and the Senate chamber. Many of the statues in the U.S. Capitol are also carved from the fine, white marble quarried near Carrara, Italy, which has been favored by sculptors for centuries.

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Carrara marble tile. This is generally white, gray or blue-gray and commonly used in sculpture and building decor. Its veining is more linear and can either be small and fine or soft and feathery, although it can be dramatic. One of the more readily available marble options, Carrara is one of the most commonly used marbles in residences.

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marbles, (used with a singular verb) a game for children in which a marble is propelled by the thumb to hit another marble so as to drive it out of a circle drawn or scratched on the ground. marbles, Slang .

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Some marble is heated in a kiln to drive off the carbon dioxide that is contained within the calcite. What remains after kiln treatment is the calcium oxide - known as "lime." Lime is used as an agricultural soil treatment to reduce the acidity in soil. When applied in combination with …

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Alibaba.com offers 17,808 marble used products. About 2% of these are marble, 1% are decorative films, and 1% are dishes & plates. A wide variety of marble used options are available to you, such as plastic, ceramic, and metal.